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: 23.02.10
: Russia, Moscow
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   : 04.03.12 10:42. : UK Club Show 2012, 03.03.2012

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Championship Show - 3th March 2012
: dogs - Mr G A Davies, bitches - Mr T Nethercott
Best In Show and Dog CC - Angel's Pride Gentleman (Tanja Engel's)

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: 23.02.10
: Russia, Moscow
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   : 04.03.12 10:53. : Bitch CC - Pascaval..

Reserve Best In Show Ch Aranel Genesis
Best Opposite Sex Pascavale Alexus
Best Puppy Cinderaic Devotion to Daraste

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: 23.02.10
: Russia, Moscow
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   : 08.03.12 08:48. : Dogs Mr G A Davies ..

Dogs Mr G A Davies
Dog CC Engels Angel Pride Gentleman
Reserve CC Aldous & Smiths Ch Aranel Genesis
Best Puppy Lovels Lovetrac Picasso

Veteran (11 Entries 0 Absent)
1st Baker & Parks Ch Keyingham Branwell
2nd Jones Timsar Master of Ceremonies
3rd Lewis Leelyn Bumble for Carleeto ShCM
Res Walkers Kringleholme Encore ShCM
VHC Lattecks Pascavale Mikie
HC Pittam & Woods Toshini Benito at Charverale
Minor Puppy (14, 1)
1st Cunninghams Verheyen Seve
2nd Parkers Jordanic Luvva Boy
3rd Towses Miletree Consort
Res Levy, Sedgwick, Cline & Puenchalards Pascavale Jacob
VHC Carr-Tomlinsons Ledesam Ezekiel
HC Sutcliffes Khatibi Water Melon
Puppy (11, 2)
1st Lovels Lovetrac Picasso
2nd Rogersons Rabymar Super Ted
3rd Fry & Jacksons Amantra Orson
Res Holbrooks Kathelsies Geddibear at Vonnyisle
VHC Vellas Cinderaic Seduction
HC Norths Jalesto Starmaker
Junior (17, 1)
1st Rhodes Calonlan Will I Am
2nd Storars Deranmar Saatchi
3rd Waters Maibee McVitie
Res Croziers Korraines Mastermind
VHC Fox-Shones Pamedna Seattle
HC Bryants Cobbets Frankly Frankie at Lucanico
Yearling (11, 2)
1st Aldous & Smiths Ch Aranel Genesis
2nd Lewis Leelyn Fanton Jo
3rd King-Smiths Ispahan Elisir DAmore
Res Waters Lanola Siesta at Maibee
VHC Rollins, Poundford & Claydons Brymarden Moonmaker
HC Cranes Cranvarl Day Dreamer
Special Graduate Blenheim (15, 4)
1st Stahls Pascavale Keanu
2nd Godwins Cavaliegh Kinsman
3rd Allitts Tillashby Georgio
Res Waters Kinvaar Make My Day at Maibee
VHC Manghams Galouchi Just Magic of Charnvale JW
HC Lovels Lovetrac Markof Distinction
Special Graduate Tricolour (7, 2)
1st Skinners Rahmzi Augustus
2nd Searles Stonepit Franco I Believe
3rd Jinks Khatibi Angus Macoatup at Edenloch
Res Newells Corbieanne Misty Storm
VHC Hedgers Khatibi Peter Bread for Alrewic
Special Graduate Black & Tan (10, 0)
1st Kosters Harana Alfie Boe
2nd Royces Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
3rd Lewis Leelyn Fanton Jo
Res Cracknells Sorata Bertie
VHC Wilemans Narayden Dark Shadow of Narvidar
HC Norths Jalestos Ravin All Night
Special Graduate Ruby (6, 1)
1st Hughes Lorankas Solar Star
2nd Allitts Tillashby Gold NDelicious JW
3rd Fry & Jacksons Amantra Goldfrapp
Res Sass Merlin vom Kaninchengarten
VHC Cracknells Sorata Simply Red
Post Graduate (12, 0)
1st Dawbers Bevelmount Montecarlo at Simanbeck
2nd Biggs Kellorian Reason To Believe
3rd Wightmans Royalston Enchanting
Res Whiteheads Perbelle Moonlight Shadow
VHC Cracknells Sorata Bertie
HC Hamills Craebeck Moonshine
Mid Limit (9, 1)
1st Pagans Sorata Don Vito
2nd Mynotts Honeybet Magic Touch
3rd Croziers Korraines Over The Moon
Res Cranes Spindlepoint Macallan into Cranvarl
VHC Boyds Wandris Comedian ar Airlie JW
HC Walkers Korolevsky Iosif ShCM
Limit (17, 2)
1st Hughes Lorankas Moment In Time
2nd Hill & Webbers Montcolly Andrew
3rd Boardmans Cinderlace Mulligatawny by Volney
Res Wightmans Charnell Montgomery at Kailyflee
VHC Craigs Cinderlace Arabis of Aldachell
HC Fox-Shones Pamedna Vancouver
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (5, 1)
1st Irelands Charnell Monterey
2nd Biggs Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
3rd Barwells Charlottetown TNavigator
Res Hollambys Tamcinia Midnight Folly
Open (6, 0)
1st Engels Angel Pride Gentleman
2nd Waters Ch Maibee Make Believe
3rd Levy, Sedgwick & Clines Pascavale Bailey
Res Lis Avalcier Oberon JW
VHC Hughes Ch Lorankas Just Like Heaven
HC Conneallys Coedgwylum Hot Chase

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: 693
: 23.02.10
: Russia, Moscow
: 1
   : 08.03.12 08:51. : Bitches Mr T Nether..

Bitches Mr T Nethercott
Bitch CC Levy, Sedgwick & Clines Pascavale Alexus
Reserve CC Sansoms Ch Byermoor Queens Maid
Best Puppy Lewis Cinderaic Devotion to Daraste

Veteran (19 Entries 5 Absent)
1st Levy & Sedgwicks Ch Pascavale Krystle JW
2nd Hughes Ch Lorankas Star Surprise
3rd Goodwins Ch Lanola Salsa JW ShCM
Res Biggs Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian
VHC Lewis Leelyn Dixie Boo with Carleeto ShCM
HC Hogans Stavonga Serena
Minor Puppy (15, 3)
1st Lis Avalcier Inspired
2nd Bayliss Castlewytch Making ischief
3rd Chapmans Ellemich Euphoria
Res Lovels Lovetrac Phenomena
VHC Rollins, Poundford & Claydons Poundroll Dazzling Daisy
HC Cooles Jolainey Fairytale
Puppy (24, 4)
1st Lewis Cinderaic Devotion to Daraste
2nd Levy, Pascavale & Clines Pascavale Kira
3rd Rogersons Rabymar Paper Moon
Res Sansoms Maibee Remember Me
VHC Waters Maibee Love Divine
HC Drewetts Kaishmar Magical Memories at Judyland
Junior (28, 5)
1st Hubbards Cobbets Dancing Diva avec Popolulu
2nd Cunninghams Verheyen Angelina JW
3rd Kitsons Kadoogels Ruby Wedding
Res Hindles Ellisiana Aphrodite
VHC Bayliss Kaishmar Kristina
HC Stahls Tequila Sunrise vom Kaninchengarten
Yearling (26, 4)
1st Rennards Deranmar Caitlin
2nd Goodwins Lanola Sophia
3rd Hubbards Cobbets Dancing Diva avec Popolulu
Res Hughes Lorankas Pixie
VHC Mogers Gayhalo Mosaic
HC Blackburns Shes The Katz Whiskaz from Droleus
Special Graduate Blenheim (11, 4)
1st Shrimptons Cobbets Chorus Girl
2nd Sansoms Byermoor Queens Delight
3rd Hill & Webers Montcolly Hattie
Res Owens Estrid Rosanna at Hansowens
VHC Renauds Ellenaud Amazing Grace
HC Gallaghers Claragall Dotty Dora
Special Graduate Tricolour (4, 3)
1st Rees Tusculana Carmella
Special Graduate Black & Tan (9, 2)
1st Kosters Harana Cilla Black
2nd Lewis Carleeto Belle Noir
3rd Skinners Rahmzis Billie Jean
Res Cullen & Parkers Cavisdale Holly Holy at Chlojade
VHC Owens Narayden Diva Fever at Hansowens
HC Boundys Rubyfield Fidget
Special Graduate Ruby (12, 3)
1st Lis Avalcier Lady In Red
2nd Pipkins Ryanmil Magic Flute
3rd Kitsons Kadoogels Cabochon
Res Whitfields Bevelmount Red Focus
VHC Flowers Anberan Lady Gaga
HC Pagans Sorata Ambrosia
Post Graduate (15, 5)
1st Mouldens Whitecroft Sweetheart
2nd Waters Maibee Softly Shimmer
3rd Griffin-Smiths Little Princess Binky
Res Cooles Jolainey Naughty But Nice
VHC Rees Tusculana Carmella
HC Flowers Anberan Lady Gaga
Mid Limit (13, 4)
1st Levy, Sedgwick & Clines Pascavale Alexus
2nd Weston & Johnsons Ecotyne Almost An Angel
3rd Williams Sorata Barley Wine Sancana JW ShCM
Res Richardsons Marigill Miesque
VHC Bartletts Korolevsky Oksana JW
HC Whitfields Bevelmount Red Ribbons
Limit (12, 5)
1st Godwins Cavaliegh Innocence
2nd Lowes Turretbank Dark Delight
3rd Conneallys Coedgwylum Hot Tip
Res Tarabads Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi JW ShCM
VHC Chapmans Ellemich Cocochanel
HC Lewis Carleeto Belle Noire
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (8, 1)
1st Lewis Carleeto Dixie Belle ShCM
2nd Newells Corbieanne Octavia
3rd Etheridges Diddlidors Dazzlin Deeva
Res Turners Shalot Indian Queen
VHC Taylors Taybar Stella
HC Renauds Ellenaud Amazing Grace
Open (12, 4)
1st Sansoms Ch Byermoor Queens Maid
2nd Hughes Ch Lorankas Sherrie Baby
3rd Cunninghams Verheyen Laura
Res Fox-Shones Ch Pamedna Touch of Fan-TC JW
VHC Cooles Jolainey Sugar Babe
HC Loades Mialeah Ericanna Rosirius

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